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Help need Referrals to get an Ipad! :l

Ok so I done some research on finding a Legitimate site where you can get a Ipad at no cost. Just need to sign up to one of the Offers on the site and then depending on what it is you want whether an Ipad or Itouch they will deliver it to you in the Mail and you'll get your Product. I've seen that this site and FreeJeebies.com is two Legitimate sites that you will get your Product. This is my Link below where you sign up and once I get my 11 Refferals they will send my Ipad. 

Once I get my Ipad in the Mail I will most definitely take a Picture with the Ipad to show proof that it is not a Scam. So PLEASEEEEE HELP A SISTER OUT D:

I will help you guys as well in being a Referral to you. Just leave you links on the Comment box below and I will gladly help you to become a Referral for you as well. Thanks God Bless! =]


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    AGH! writing cause i need to....feeling a bit down....i spoke to a guy friend of mine that i havent seen like in AGES and just found out that hes engaged,has a kid, and has his own apartment....yup...so i kinda feel like im being left behind....i know sounds stupid maybe to you..but to me well its different...this guy is a special person why? cause i had a crush on him LONG ago back in 1997.....so it been a while i mean its hard to explain really.....we use to write to each other EVERYDAY and call each other......i still have his letters that he wrote to me...i read them a few weeks back and i thought about him too.....well i couldnt hold on to that forever now can i...lol....yea but i feel like im never gonna get married and have my babies...I'M GONNA BE 27 ON OCTOBER 6!....but i gotta be patient....right?.....its gonna take time for me to adjust.....^~^ i feel like crying but im gonna do that when i go to bed...too many people around my house to do that....


Which Arashi Member is your True Lover?

Congrats! Your true lover is Ohno Satoshi!You are the type of girl that lives by the slogan: Just be natural! You don't really like making such a big deal about holidays like Xmas or Valentine's Day.. you'd rather make EVERY day special, and exchange gifts WHENEVER, so that you can always be happy with your one and only O-chan! ^.^
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Hey check these out!...i did these quizzez..pretty cool but true...especially "WHAT TIME OF DAY QUIZ"
credit to "TECHNI TEDDY" since she's the one i found it on!


Who in KAT-TUN is your true love by miyuxx

Who in KAT-TUN is your true love by miyuxx
Who do you like
Who likes you
Who do you marry
Who is your true love
in the endyou had an affair
Which Kanjani 8 boy is meant for you? by Airi_n_Keita
Kanjani 8 member name isNishkido Ryo
Date metApril 20, 2009
Started DatingJuly 4, 2012
Marriage DateJuly 23, 2030
How long will it lastMay 14, 2019
Will he love youNo


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